Subtle Ways Your Body Is Trying To Tell You It’s Too Stressed

How to better manage stress

Life is hard, and stress can take a toll on our bodies. The National Alliance on Mental Illness recommends taking care of yourself by, first and foremost, accepting whatever it is you need to feel at peace. Don’t judge yourself or hold yourself to other people’s standards. Listen to your body, identify your triggers, and avoid them when you can. When you can’t, exercise daily to blow off steam, eat healthy food that won’t leave your stomach a mess and your brain in a sea of fog, and try to get yourself on a regular sleep schedule.

It’s important also to make time for yourself. Find moments of relaxation through breathing, meditation, or a nice walk outside. Do things that bring you joy and center you, whether that be painting, reading, singing, or running. These things that are just for you are the things that really ground you.

And as always, if you’re not sure that stress is the cause of your bodily ailments, or you’ve taken steps to ease your stress and your health issues continue, make an appointment with your doctor.